Hey, I'm Kris. I am the owner of Red Carousel Films as well as your editing and video extraordinaire. I have been in the video industry for over four years, working across the board with fellow wedding cinematographers, marketing studios, and even a few record labels. Cinematic storytelling is my drive, and I get much pleasure from incredible movies and TV shows, in which I try to incorporate those same qualities into my work. I love what I do and the amazing clients and vendors we work with, and I hope to work with you soon! 


Well hello there! My name is Taryn, the Associate Cinematographer here at Red Carousel Films. I came into the wedding industry through the guy to the left of me, and I couldn't be more grateful! Similar to Kris, I love love love film and I appreciate how pure emotions can be captured with just the right touch. We want your wedding day to feel like an epic movie, because let's face it, it's an epic day! In addition to RCF, I work as a Marketing Associate and Social Media Manager; all in all I absolutely love the work I do and I hope it shows through our videos!